Monday, March 06, 2006

Atlanta Braves in the post-season

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So, they win 12 straight NL East pennants, and only win one ring. Not only that, look at the NLDS record - positively awful.

So why?

I'm not sure, but the stat I want to see is their regular-season record against playoff teams.

My suspicion is that they are what in cricket we'd call a "flat-track bully" - a team with a tremendous record against poor teams and then a (comparatively) poor record against the best. In the playoffs, they're playing top teams, so the poor part of the record kicks in.

OK, to get this properly, we need the following figures:

Atlanta vs. non-playoff teams
Atlanta vs. playoff teams (regular season)
Other playoff teams vs. playoff teams
Other playoff teams vs. non-playoff teams

But that's my guess. Anyone got the stats?


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